Flight back from vacations

Hello again! I bring you some great pics from @DeltaFox’s event: 14MAR21 / 1800Z Mini Event Series 3! America in the Tropics! @ KEYW
Hope you enjoy them! As always a poll is waiting you, don’t forget to vote!

Flight details

Route: KEYW → MMTO
Flight Time: 4h45
Server: Expert

1. @Alex_Coffey taking off early, leaving this great photo!

2. Everyone ready for departure

3. Another perspective

4. Couldn’t resist, and took more screenshots!

5. I’ve come to realize that KEYW has a formidable scenery, greatly underrated

6. Proud of living here, Mexico City!

7. And last but not least, moments before landing at Toluca!

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Awesome pics @Rich_PJ glad you enjoyed my event and it looked like a great flight!

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Yes, it was!
Looking forward to more events!

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That line up looks great!

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Wow!! Beautiful Photos and great traffic!

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Fantastic pictures! Awesome scenery on the entire route as it seems, especially with the fantastic blue colours of the ocean around Key West! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for commenting everyone!

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Thanks for the pic of me blasting out early. Good shot.

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