flight awer problem

Hola, hace unos días empecé con flight a ser para copiar rutas originales y la verdad que cuando pongo por ejemplo lebl(barcelona) lemd(Madrid Barajas) veo que no hay datos de la ruta para copiar.
no se si esa ruta es pequeña o algo así porque cuando pongo por ejemplo kfjk( new York) klax(los Ángeles) si hay datos de ruta
no se si debo poner el tema aquí ya que he mirado sobre flight awer y no hay muchos temas sobre esto
gracias desde españa.
Hello, a few days ago I started the flight to see the original routes and the truth is that when I put for example lebl (barcelona) lemd (Madrid Barajas) I see that there is no data of the route to copy.
I do not know if that route is small or something like when I put for example kfjk (new York) klax (Los Angeles) if there is route data
I do not know if I should put the topic here since I looked at flight awer and there are not many topics about this
thanks from Spain.

Your explanation is kinda confusing but I’ll give my best answer
You don’t copy routes in IF u can copy other pilots routes but if you want to make your own , you have to make it

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He put English up
Plz read everything before replying to avoid mistakes :)

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Only certain routes - mostly in America - have the route info. You could always use Simbrief or other FPL formers if Flight Aware doesn’t have the route info. ;)

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ok thank you so much

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I just saw the Spanish bit and didn’t have time to read through the whole thing so I decided to translate it. Apologies for repeating it.

It’s fine but just make sure u read the entire thing cause I may miss important information like u did here:) happy flying

The search bar in the top right doesn’t generate a FPL by itself. You can use the search bar to find fixes, airports, VOR’s etc…
I would recommend you to read the topics on the #tutorials page for further reference.

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