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Firstly feel free to add to appropriate topic if needed I use flight aware for my flight plans however domestic and short hauls in Europe don’t give me the route whereas everywhere else I can find flight plans. Thanks

Flightaware is better suited for USA routes and then Simbrief is a good option for those European routes that you won’t find in FlightAware.

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Thanks will use Simbrief for my short hop to Belfast this evening

Shameless plug for a great tool for fellow IF enthusiasts. FPLtoIF

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Yah, Simbrief is a great tool for flight planning, cause it doesn’t just contains the route, it also support different Aircraft with customize payload, choices of different runway and dep/appr procedures. The best you can get (so far) for virtual flight planning (my own opinion) is (only for USA routes), copy the Flightaware routes in to Simbrief, and use SkyVector to fix it if requires, then use Simbrief to customize the aircraft and runway choices. For tutorial of Simbrief, see the Introduction to Simbrief!

how do you access the flight plans

you need to create one, the routes will generated itself once you enter the dep/arrival ariports. But you can also put your own routes in there. Go to the tutorial thread to see more >_^

Ok thanks.

Welcome, happy landings!

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