Flight Auctioning! Where Will you Fly?

Welcome to Flight Auctions!

Hello there everyone, while I was away on my “brake” I thought of an idea that could possibly be a hit! Here at flight auctions we auction off flights to the users of IF for points!

Here is how Flight Auctions will work!
We will start to auction off flights when Global is released to the public. The Auctions will be like any auction that some or many of you have seen, the bid will start at an amount of points and will decrease until the time is up!

Here is the twist! As I have said above, there will be points for every Auction that you win!
The way you get points is by winning Auctions and then completing the flight without crashing or restarting. You will be awarded more points on your carefulness and realism while flying the aircraft!
But, you can also lose points for crashing, taking too sharp of turns, and taxing too fast.
(Just to put this out i or another flight manager will be flying with you to see how you do.)

Flight Manager
Want to become a Flight Manager? Please PM me via the Infinite Flight Community.
There is always room to add more flight managers.
Just Remember, if you become a new Flight manager, you will have to make sure to also follow the rules when flying

Point Standings
That’s right! There are standings that show what you are ranked and how you look against other members and point owners

The standing list will be released a few Auctions in!

First Auction

The first auction will take place whenever global is released publicly, but I have decided to release the info on the first bid!


Aircraft: Dash-8 Q400
Livery: Air Canada
Starting bid: 215 Pts

Reason for flight
39 Canadian sightseers have decided to cross the border and explore the great city of New York City in New York, and we want you to deliver them there! When you get to KJFK there will be 2 Cessna 208’s waiting side by side to pick them up and deliver them to a nearby municipal airport located near there hotel, once you drop them off, your mission is complete and you will be rewarded

Have Fun!

If you would like to possibly join this auction whenever it starts, please PM me!

Also @moderators if you think this should be moved to another category or is not good please PM me

Can’t wait to see you bid everyone!


Don’t really understand the concept of this.


Basically its a topic that allows you to bid on flights and have the chance to compete against friends on IF while receiving points


So there is an auction held for each scenario? How do the points work? Not making much sense…

What sort of points? XP? Don’t really get that bit. 😉


What kind of reward?

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Here is how the points work

The Pointd will be rewarded to the pilot that both wins the bid and completes the flight safely and professionally
You will lose all of your points if you crash.
You will also lose points for the following:

Too sharp of turns
Rough landing
Taxing to fast

Not XP but auction points (like game points)

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I think everyone on the forum would win that way. Everyone here is a expert. Not TS1 people who crash.


Like Game points/auction points and first place over a amount of time could receive something cool, but that is still in the planning phase😉

But with the auction points… what is the use of them? Can you literally buy the route for yourself?


But the longer the flight, the more points😉

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Not necessarily, you will basically be payed auction points to fly the route
Not buy it

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This is just the first auction, so the routes will get longer, and the points per flight will increase plus if you are careful you may get extra points😉

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What are the points for?


The points are to show how skilled of a pilot you are and see how well you stack up against other forum members

So we compete to fly flights to get points to compete on more flights…
Or we could just fly the route?..


Sorry but this seems a little unescesarry.
It would be cool if it was planned routes with little bsckstories but the whole auction and point bidding system just seems like it’ll turn a lot of people away.

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Waaaaait hold up ✋. To win auctions you need points, and you get points by winning auctions then flying the flights. That… that doesn’t work


Overall you idea is creative, but I find it hard to understand the point of this. If this is something you want to do with a few of your friends then by all means go ahead, but me and many other community members are very confused with this idea.
Like @Insertusernamehere said, you need to bid points to win an auction, but only one person would get the points after winning an auction and doing a flight well? Which would likely mean that they would be able to choose all the next flights. Even I got pretty confused writing this.
Plus, why would the auction amount decrease? Pretty much every time in auctions the amount increases. Let’s say you’re bidding on a car. You bid $30,000 , someone else bids $33,000 , you bid $34,000 , another person bids $36,000… well you get my point. Sorry but this idea is very confusing.
Like I said earlier, if you want to do this thing with your friends by all means go ahead. But I highly doubt that a lot of community members would want to participate in this. (Not trying to sound rude)