Flight Auctioneer! Where will you Fly?

Welcome to Flight Auctions!

Welcome to flight Auctions everyone! As some as you know, the first attempt at making flight Auctions was a fail, so I have though through it, and have come back at a second attempt in the hopes of it being successful! Here is some information on how Flight Auctions will work!

The Auctions are what make this business run! There will be two types of Auctions, silent Auctions, and regular Auctions, and to make sure you understand I will explain below!

Silent Auctions
Silent Auctions is where you will PM me via the IFC, and send a PM saying how low you want the bid to go! Here is an example

The starting bid starts at 60 points, let’s say Bob PM’s me he will fly the route for 51 points, then Larry sends me A PM saying he will fly the route for 42 points, and finally let’s say that Nick says he will fly the route for 47 points. After the time runs out on the timer, I will tell the winner (Larry) that he has won the auction with 42 points and that he gets to fly the route! Then I will contact the other bidders that someone had a lower bid!

A few pointers on silent Auctions

  • Only one bid per IFC member
  • The timer will be 15 minutes long
  • If there is a tie, then they will both fly the route for half the price.

Regular Auctions
Regular Auctions will be just like… well regular Auctions. Here is how they will work!

People will first PM me if they want to enter the auction, then I will add them to another PM where all the other members that wanted to enter are at. Whenever the auction starts (I will tell everyone when it starts) You will compete against each other until either the clock runs down, or someone says they will fly the route for 1 point (highly unlikely that will happen). Whenever the auction is over, I will tell the winner to contact me or another flight manager when they want to start there flight!

Here is some info on regular Auctions!

  • clock is 10 minutes long
  • The winner has to contact a flight manager before their flight!


Here is how the points system will work!
Anyone who enters the first auction will get an automatic 10 points to start off with and will be on the leaderboard! When and if you win an auction, you will have the responsibility of being able to fly safely and responsibly to the destination that you were sent to. After your flight is over, you will contact me or another staff member and say that your flight is over (we will either fly with you or follow you via LiveFlight). After that we will Grade your flight and tell you how many points you earned! Then we will add your points to your name on the leaderboard wall, or add your name with your points that you have earned next to your name.

Some pointers on points:

  • cost no money

  • the only way you can achieve points is if you complete the flight you were given safely.

  • points can be taken away if you do the following
    Crash, make too sharp of a turn, land roughly, and make any sudden movement that could result in passengers becoming ill


1st - @R_Jordanian = 10 points
1st - @PlaneCrazy = 10 points
3rd - @
4th - @
5th - @
6th - @
(More ranks will be added when more enter the Auctions)

Auctions available
There are currently two Auctions available!
Most Auctions will have plots that have a little of a twist/unregular delivery, here are the current Auctions!

Auction #1
Aircraft/Livery - Alaska Air Bombardier 8-Q400
Server - Casual server
Plot - Alaska Airlines needs your help! With budget cuts affecting the airline, (not really) pilots are starting to quit and even go on strike, so they called you up, a pilot for a small airline in Montana! If you can finish this route successfully, you will have a great reputation with Alaska Airlines aswell as some game points! Best of Luck!

Auction #2
Aircraft/Livery - Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717
Server - Casual Server
Plot - A Hawiian Airlines Pilot has fallen ill! With all of the other B717 pilots already in the air, they need to find someone quick to fly the B717 who has experience flying them! They look at your resume and think that you are the man for the job!

If you have any questions, please PM me! I hope that you all like this idea and possibly bid for a flight in the future!


Wow looks cool. I’ll look into trying it sometime

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Sounds like lots of fun!

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This seems better! Great job! :)


Not to sound negative but wont people all just say “I’ll do it for 1/0 points” and ruin the auction?


Then they could possibly be disqualified

But it’s entirely allowed as they are still legitimately bidding :(

True, I will think about it, maybe they just have to remember that it is worth points!

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You made this topic a few weeks ago and it got closed by a moderator. Please don’t make another one (unless given permission)

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It has been reworked and improved.
But I guess the @moderators can decide

Everyone seems to like it

A moderator in that thread said to try again once global is released. And I’m not trying to sound rude I’m trying to save your nice reputation

The idea have changed since then. This is ok for now.


Good to hear, thanks and good luck @AllegiantAir!


The First Auction will be held on the 31st of July at around 2135Z time!

Make sure to PM me if you would like to join this auction!

Oh and btw, congrats to @R_Jordanian for receiving the first points ever here at Flight Auctioneer! Be sure to see the leaderboard to see the rankings!

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That sounds like me…
I better bid on this one:-D

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Okay! Lol see you there

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The auction has been moved to the 6th of august, let’s get some more entries to get this idea rollin!

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The auction is 2 days away everyone! Hope to see you there!

Also congrats to @PlaneCrazy for getting 10 points for entering the auction!

Remember if you enter this first auction, you will also receive 10 points!

Hope to see everyone there!


The auction will start tomorrow at around 2000Z! If you want to enter please PM me!

Also there is a new auction available, go check it out! Make sure to PM me if you want to enter!

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