Flight Attendants

Hello, i have an idea, i wonder i have an idea. We know that flight attendants are waiting the customers in the cabin. They are welcoming people and we can see them behind the door while boarding at the gate. In the game we have crjs, and their doors can be opened, and if we see hostess, that would be a nice detail. Also except crj models, other aircrafts, especially boeing and airbus; we cannot open their doors but what if it could be possible and we see hostesses after doors have been opened. I don’t say it is vital feature but it is a feature.



Quite original! Except I think there are many more important things that people will have used their votes for… maybe someday, but I think more aircraft need their doors to open before this comes to the sim!

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„Flight Attendant“ would be the correct term 😊


Alright, it has been changed. Thanks.

Cool! But what’s really the point of having Flight Attendants? As if they’re gonna say: “Hello Captain!” 😂


As i said, its no vital but soon or far, it will be nice. All liveries can have their own stewardess uniform. And maybe regarding to technological developments, they can welcome passengers which are coming from gates or shuttlebus.

It goes either way 😄

Don’t forget to vote for your own feature @CK777

I am looking to revote others and vote for it but i am struggling to find.

We appreciate the enthusiasm, but I will save everyone a vote here. No plans for this, nor any for the future 🙂