Flight Attendants on Diets

So I just read an article about Air India putting there flight attendants on a low fat diet. What do you guys think?


You mean Air India, right?

Oh yea sorry

Wow! How disrespectful, degrading, and just… angering!

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Almost as disrespectful and degrading as using cheesy pick up lines

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Oh how I wish that airline would just DIE!


More context here:

“…with the new low-fat meals completely replacing the current options for flight attendants, this latest shift doesn’t seem like an additional option for crew wellbeing, but perhaps a split between saving cash and shedding weight, literally and metaphorically.

Air India has a lot of debt to overcome currently, and this probably played a part in making these new meals required, as they are “…mostly vegetarian, will reduce each meal cost by up to 65%.”

Still a very interesting topic to discuss as Air India came under fire in 2009 for dismissing 10 flight attendants for being overweight.

Air India is owned by a government-owned enterprise, which does place some responsibility on the government as a whole.


I feel like this was just a way for the airline to make more money as the meals are now going to 65% cheaper. If I was a flight attendant, I would not even stay with the airline. It just shows that Air India is just in for the money I guess


This is a good point. No one’s being forced to work for the airline…


Surly there is another Indian airline that doesn’t mistreat their attendants right?

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Nope. Basically there are no Indian Airlines anymore. Most of them went down and out, remember Jet Airways?

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Yeah unfortunately Air India takes all the competition…

I’m hesitant to call this mistreatment when it could just be solely a cost-cutting measure. Has anyone considered that these meals may actually be just fine? I remember when I was in 4th grade in school they swapped the entire lunch menu out for much healthier options without consulting anyone, we just dealt with it.

This scenario would be different if, hypothetically, Air India imposed a hard limit on how many calories FAs could consume, or something else comparable.


And they are government owned. So they basically won’t dissolve anytime soon.

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Vistara, IndiGo, Spicejet, GoAir


Well (I’m assuming you went to a US school) your elementary school has regulations under US laws, but it could be mistreatment to the Air India flight attendants depending on how “low” they could go based on Indian regulations, but I have no idea how it is

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Most of them are losing multitudes of money due to Air India basically not letting them get competition. Seeing as they are government-owned, Air India has the power to smear competition.

basically 2020 election in a nutshell

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Unnecessary comment, but I don’t disagree.

I humbly disagree with Air India’s logic. Most of Air India meals are veg((geared to the general Indian population as most are veg or don’t eat pork or beef)) let’s also not forget veg is cheapest to buy in India especially and if I may say so, are pretty good as far as taste goes better than the non veg options. I mean how much are you really saving by cutting already cheap meals by 4-6 FAs per flight. It’s good in boxes. Lol And why are they not feeding the same meals to the pilots? Why are the FAs only subjected to this “diet” . It’s realllllllllyyyy fishy!

Air India and Indian Airlines( gone now)have very strict height to weight ratio. At one point Indian Airlines also had a cut off age for flight attendants. Think they are just using this weight shedding tactics so people won’t hate then more than they already do.

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Lol. Okay, I hope they go bankrupt. Happy? Lol

Jet Airways was miles ahead of air India. Awesome crew, customer service. A real pity .