Flight Attendant Shows Passenger what her job is really like

There are a few things you should never tell a flight attendant. For example, that she is “just a flight attendant”. Because the job requires a lot of skills, patience and vision.

Nevertheless, it often happens that flight attendants are stupidly addressed by passengers or treated disrespectfully in their position. So in this example: A passenger said to a crew member, she was “just a flight attendant” - and thus provoked a comprehensive response of the stewardess, which then made the big round in the network.“Dear passenger in 5A, yesterday, when I did not let you come in front of the plane because the pilots were just leaving the cockpit, you told me that I was ‘just a flight attendant.’” I had some time to think about it and I have decided to inform you of some facts about this flight attendant. "In addition, she had watched the events of September 11 with horror. She was afraid to return to work, but assured her child that she would come home. “I saw a man die because the cardio-pulmonary massage we performed did not strike,” she continues.

Finally the flight attendant summarizes:

"You should know that I love my job and that I have chosen it, I have a college degree, I am a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a human, so the next time you look at me and think, ‘Just a flight attendant’: Me I hope you’ll remember who’s trained and ready to free you from a downed plane, protect you from kidnappers, perform resuscitation when needed, and serve you food and drinks in the simplest part of my job. "

What do you think about the topic?


People who job shame need to learn humility. Not sure why sombody would ever say something like that to another human being. Flight attendant, plumber, pilot, whatever the job is, it is a job and we are human beings. There should be more compassion and thought towards one another honestly


That’s like saying a Pilot is just a Pilot. There is a lot more to the job then you know


Mans just got absolutely owned.


Shame that people can’t say things that are nice. Especially if it’s their job.

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They know self defense. If anyone messes with a flight attendant they are in for a surprise.


this is actually a case that happens from time to time, today I am a pilot but before I was flight attendants and I can tell you that not only some passengers think that being a commissar should be the easiest job in the world as well as some pilots does not show respect for what the flight attendants do, I can tell you that it is not easy, and many think that the flight attendants are garçon inside the aircraft, so let me tell you that when I was flight attendant I learned that I was to assist the captain in the passenger cabin and my main job was to ensure passenger safety, and today as a pilot I learned that I am responsible for flight safety, serving passengers is a secondary function, I personally think that all crew members deserve respect for what they do (like every human being), ensuring that you leave from one place to another safely, we lose sleep, holidays, Christmas and New Year holidays and sometimes even being sick we are with you, so that you have a safe and tranquil journey.
I get sad seeing some people acting like that

I think if it’s a paid job, it’s probably needed in some way shape or form. That’s like telling a cashier “lol you’re just a cashier” when in reality, you wouldn’t get your food without them there. People need to show a little a lot more respect for the working class citizen no matter what their job is.

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Sorry but what does this have to do with Ryanair?


Clickbait on IFC 😱

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Good on her. People need to know what sort of job being a Flight Attendant is, they’re there for passenger safety, not just for passenger luxury.

I always treat the flight attendants with respect, and in return, I get good remarks from them. It’s just pretty annoying to see someone be rude to a flight attendant.

(and why is the title different than the actual topic?)

That’s what I was thinking… 🤔

The saddest part is that because the job of a flight attendant is service in nature, they cannot show that they are suffering and they have to just suck it up. I think it’s rare for such a thing to happen because if such actions get traction they may face retaliation.

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Fixed. I think that title fits well enough?


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