Flight Attendant Q&A

Hi guys,

As some of you may know I’m currently a cabin crew for a European based airline. If you’ve got any questions on the FA role or the 737.

Comment below and I shall answer them to the best I can.

Many thanks!
Safe landings


Let me guess. Jet2?

Unfortunately not

One day could be ;)

Possibly :)

European, 737… Has to be Ryanair?

Got a couple for you.

  1. What is your favourite phase of flight?

  2. What type of passenger do you dislike the most?

  3. What is the worst thing that has happened to you on board?


Karen’s and babies (i like babies but when start to scream and cry in the plane)🥴😵


What’s your favorite layover destination, if Ryanair even does them, Allegiant in the US does no overnights for crew.

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I have 1! What do you do on your ready reserves?

Hi Calla,

Thank you for your questions! It’s much appreciated.

My favourite phase of flight always has to be decent and landing. When the seatbelt sign is illuminated. The work load increases massively! You’ve got to ensure that bins are empty and the cabin is secure for landing! Once everything is completed and cross checked, I will then take my jumpseat to watch the stunning approach!

To be honest with you, there really isn’t a passenger type that I dislike. I enjoy working with people from all different backgrounds. You will never meet two people who are the same! I love the variety we get onboard our aircraft.

So far everything has been relatively smooth however the most annoying thing has been the delays at the airport. Most UK airports are in a max rush right now as everyone is short staffed.

I hope this answers you’re questions!


Hi Tucker_Ryan!

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately my airline doesn’t provide layovers unless we run out of hours due to aircraft going tech or an unforeseen delay

I hope this answers your question

Hi Infinite_EC

Cheers for the question!

Plane spotting of course! Even though I work on aircraft on a daily basis, there is just something about aviation photography which means a lot to me! I’m lucky in the sense as I live two min from the airport.


That’s Awesome! thanks for the info.

Do you eventually want to climb the F/A ladder to a larger airline or maybe a specific type of airplane or are you fine just where you are?

What would you suggest to someone who just finished high school and wants to pursue a career as FA? Is it the same world-wide or it depends where you are located? (I’m Argentinian dunno if you have information regarding here).

Btw hoping to become a F/A in the near future. Another one. How heavy are the 737 doors? I’ve heard their heavy!

How rare is it to deal with a picky passenger, with like food and such?

Have ever had any emerganceys on a flight?

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Hi! That is a great question. The doors on the 737-800 are quite heavy but manageable! If you eat your cereal in the morning you are ready to rumble!