Flight Attendant on Why Passengers Shouldn’t Order Coffee

Interesting! Just randomly found this on youtube recommended


It’s crazy hearing this. But that’s still not going to stop me from asking for water on flights 👀

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I usually ask for the coffee, especially when i’m taking the 11:40 pm fight in to my airport because i gotta drive 1:30 home lol, never bothered me lol

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Couple other tips as a former FA. Never walk barefoot or in socks. If the tray table isnt clean. The floor is even worse.
Bring your own water.

The diet coke thing is true. However all you gotta do is open the can put your cup and top and flip it upside down! No foamy fizz at all. Then add ice.


I thought @Helicopterzzz posted this because he was just watching like 10 mins ago.

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