Flight Attendant mode

@Nick_Catalano is right here.

What is this ? Infinite attendant. How would that even work ???


That depends on your interpretation of the term Infinite Flight.

Some may take that to mean all aspects of flight, including the service side of it.

Soooo true 😂😂😂 ur comment has more likes than the actual feature request

Yes, but it doesn’t, that’s why I’m saying I agree with him lol.

I agree with @Brandon_Sandstrom. Think, a 717 is flying from SAN to PSP and when we reach cruising altitude, I just push my cart around (Well unless the pilot is a nimrod and does vertical takeoffs and landings and I won’t make it to cruising altitude

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thanks for making this topic for me means alot

You won’t make it to cruising alititude because you gonna black out from dem GG 😂😂😂 and let’s just say you’ll make it to the ground again reeeaaalll fast

I’d like a GS Mini game within IF! Who wants to fill the plane with potable water without getting soaked!

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First off I have to say what in the world is happening…why? What…why would you…just why?
Uh guys this is FDS bringing your our newest update…sadly not Global as you all have requested a gazillion times but DLIGHT ATTENDENT MODE! Think how much more amazing this will be…
.still stuck in regions but at least you can push a dam cart around.
Still stuck in boxes but hey at least you can serve drinks for half na hour to absolutely no one.
Still no Global but at least you can pretend to be a flight attendent in a simulator meant for flying as a pilot in.
Stuck to nimrod pilots but hey…should be An interesting flight! Maybe you’ll ONLY have two emergencies per flight.
Uh you ain’t afraid of free uncontrolled drops are you?

Otherwise I give it a go…devs please don’t lol


Walk up and down the aircraft… :/

They would wear the uniform that the airline assigned

You should have people in the community manage an airline

It actually kind of would be interesting to have flight attendants be part of a virtual airline…

That would be fun ✈️🙂🍻😲

Explain? D:

Hit the wrong reply button. I was referring to Max’s post.

This is a great idea. Maybe this could be a feature when global comes out?

That is a pretty pointless idea. I’m sorry, but is it exciting to just pour tea and serve chocolate and not pilot the aircraft?


Are you downplaying the job that FA do? This is most disrespectful.