Flight attendant breaks leg as heavy turbulence batters Virgin Australia flight

Two Virgin Australia flight attendants have been taken to hospital one of which has a broken leg while flying through heavy turbulence. Flight VA233 from Melbourne to Adelaide was in decent to Adelaide Airport when the turbulence struck. The flight operated by a Boeing 737-800 aircraft departed Melbourne at 4:35 local time on Wednesday with the 1hr and 5min flight to the South Australian capital in which it safely arrived into at 5:13 local time, the turbulence was unexpected, no passengers were injured and the aircraft (VH-VUE) which was involved in the incident was inspected by engineers and returned to service today on VA427 from Adelaide to Sydney

Virgin Australia 737 descending into Adelaide, photo: myself


Soooo who is at fault here? The Pilot or the FA?

The weather I guess…


The turbulence I think

Were you on the flight.

Flight attendants risk their health for us passengers, They are the people that get hurt the most.

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That reeeeeaaaaly suck for those FA’s… hope they get well soon, glad it wasn’t me! 👎


Is this really forum worthy? Someone getting injured because of turbulence

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Well this topic has had its share of attention, if you want it closed then contact a mod about it…

Just bringing your attention for this part of the article :

According to a new study, severe turbulence is expected to triple due to climate change.

The study done by University of Reading researcher Dr Paul Williams is the first to examine the impact of climate change on turbulence.

Although technology that allows aircraft to detect unexpected turbulence has improved, clear air turbulence remains difficult to distinguish and there are still incidents where passengers and cabin crew are injured.

The results showed the average amount of light turbulence in the atmosphere will increase by 59 per cent with light-to-moderate turbulence rising by 75 per cent, moderate by 94 per cent, moderate-to-severe by 127 per cent and severe by 149 per cent.

Interesting nop ?


Luckily wasn’t on the flight, just been on that descent a lot


Wow, I didn’t think turbulence would be affected, that sounds pretty extreme. The flight attendants must have been walking around the cabin when the turbulence occured on this flight.

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Probably would have been early on the final descent, they don’t move when your literally minutes from landing

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Wow, that is some extreme turbulence! Glad I wasn’t one of those passengers.

Wow never knew that could happen! Hope they get better! :)

Where’d you get that information? CNN?! There isn’t enough information to prove that turbulence is related to the earth’s mostly natural warming.


2 flight people just got injured simply trying to do their jobs, yes this is forum worthy, show some sympathy


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