Flight At 0800z

Would anyone like to join me on a flight from Hong Kong Kai Tak to Paro at 0800z today? You can fly in any aircraft and the flight time is about 3 hours. Please DM me if you want to join.

Thank You,

@bbb_aviation has this already happened?

No, not yet.

Edit: It is now 0800z

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how long is this flight? and what aircraft would we be using

It is 3 hours long, in the training server. You may use any aircraft.

It should be able to land at paro of course!

I should be able to join see you at Kai Tak

@bbb_aviation ping me when its time to spawn in please!

I’ll prob take the druk air A319

Sure! Looking forward to see you guys there!

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I’m thinking of taking the A220 (Even Though It Is Unrealistic). Maybe as a demo flight?

  • Bombardier
  • Airbus

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Which one @United403 and @717Flier?

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bombardier is underrated

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@bbb_aviation Im spawning in at Main Apron 38 on training server

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Ok. Do it at 0800z

will do!
im the Bombardier CS300 livery

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You may use these as a guide:

Handy Resources for the Kai Tak Approach

A Guide to the Paro Approach

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I’m spawning in @United403 @717Flier.

I’ll be Bombardier 717.

I’m sorry about the time. It’s the daylight saving time that confused me.

@bbb_aviation what gate what server?