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Just wanna know if it’s only me, I haven’t played in a while so I’ve restarted recently. I have installed with IF the IF flight assistant which basically gives more realism with the different call outs and vocals. I’ve noticed a changed however, when approaching the runway it calls out the runway etc but it sounds sooo generic and robot like. Terrible if you ask me lol. I’m wondering if it’s an IF update or what…before it wasn’t like that. It would be a proper read out clear and precise. Don’t think it’s the IF Flight Assistant App, so I’m wondering if IF itself had an update that now calls out the runway you are approaching.

Thanks for the response in advance. Just wanna know.

It’s called GPWS if you’re referring to the 100 50 40 30 20 10 callouts
That is the voice which plays in Boeing planes on landing

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Oh not on final, that I know. When taxing and you are approaching the runway. That one. It’s a RAAS call out. Sounds weird. A female robotic voice that alerts you.

i do believe that all the RAAS calls havent changed and remain the same.

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Yikes. Mines has. Wasn’t like that when I first installed IF FLIGHT ASSISTANT which is like an add on app that gives more realism. I’ve checked the settings etc and nothing changed. Yet still that weird generic voice remains. Maybe I need to uninstall Infinite Flight and see. Thanks though.

i know what the app is haha, im a co pilot on it lol.
From when i first got the app that voice has always been the same. maybe your voice packs on your devices changed which then have been reflected in app. check your device settings too. it could be that.
Are you IOS or Droid ??

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IOS lol. I’ll have to check. Really don’t know why it’s like that now.

The update to iOS 16 has changed the voices on the devices.
That’s why RAAS sounds different now.
IF-A uses the first English voice it encounters.

You can add voices under Accessibility, Spoken Content, Voices.

By the way, this question has been asked and answered several times already.
Although it doesn’t always help, please use search before posting questions. 😉


Oh snap! Okay 👍. Thanks mate. I’ll research next time.

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