Flight Around The World (208)

Hi everyone! I’ve been played IF for almost two years now, and I just got idea to fly around the world starting EFHK.

I’ll be flying Cessna 208.

Any tips for the trip? Where to fly first? Does someone have flight plan for ATW flight?




Hi @finflyer,

First welcome to the IFC, we are glad to have you!


  • max out your fuel for long-distance travel
  • make sure the airport you choose first or in your journey is within the 208’s range
  • If doing this on ES make sure if you are in an active region or nearing an active airspace you make contact with ATC
  • The most important tip is to HAVE FUN!!

Flight Plan:

I suggest that you use https://fpltoif.com/ for making one. It gives you a very detailed guide, from V-speeds to Flight Level.

  1. Don’t crash
  2. Don’t fly over near Rockies unless there is an airport there. If your heading East-west-ish better to go to Russia, then that water gap and land somewhere near the Russian coast or Alaskan coast
  3. Don’t give up
  1. Don’t put very much load on the airplane ( etc: passengers and cargo) to max out your distance.
  2. Don’t fly over a large section of ocean bc if you hit some bad headwinds you might run out of fuel before you make it to your planned airport.
  3. And most important. DONT Give up

I’m doing this with an XCub at the moment, here’s my suggestions:

  1. Max out fuel; if necessary, step climb to maximize your range
  2. Avoid flying overseas when possible, don’t wanna run short on fuel out in the middle of nowhere
  3. Avoid flying over high altitude terrain, this’ll result in less power coming from your 208’s engine and possibly a stall
  4. If you need to, diverting to a nearby airport is perfectly fine, I had to divert to Myrtle Beach a couple days ago while doing my XCub thing because I encountered some fairly strong headwinds

Good luck!

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Personally I would fly around in Scandinavian Region it’s a beautiful place ! Destinations could be Longyearben, Bergen, Tromso, Keflavik and then step by step to go in another region. I wish you a save trip. Around this wonderful Planet. 🌎🛫

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