Flight Announcements

During my flights I have custom announcements to make my flights more realistic. I want to know at what altitude the cabin crew does the inflight announcements after takeoff, and at what altitude they do the descent announcements before landing. Please let me know, thank you!

10,000 feet on departure, 15,000 or FL200 on arrival depending on the airline


It will completely depend on the airline. Different operators will use different SOPs. Also, the cabin crew will be mostly using time apposed to altitude. i.e. 10 minutes after departure apposed to 10,000 ft.

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There is the “Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached 10,000 feet, you may now do blah blah blah” though

Valid point, that is true actually

Depends on companies I guess. I have never heard it!

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This is a personal preference, but for me, I do a seatbelt switched off shortly announcement around 7,500ft, a seatbelt sign off at 25,000ft (which happens to be exactly 10 mins after takeoff for almost all of my flights), and a food/drinks one at my cruising altitude. When descending, I do an initial descent and seatbelt sign on at 20,000ft, a prepare cabin for landing at 10,000ft and a cabin crew landing preparation at around 5,000ft.

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In real flights when does the seatbelt sign get turned on before landing, does it get turned on in the initial decent?

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I think it depends on the airline and their procedures. I’ve been on airlines that have done it right as we begin our descent and others that have switched it on at 5,000ft.

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