Flight and Fuel Planning

Hey everyone!
What planner does every one use (preferably free!)? I currently use FPLTOIF but I want to see if there’s anything else I could use. I’ve looked through the forum and found some old topics with info on from a couple of years ago but I would like to get some up to date feedback on some sites/apps to use for this!



Fpltoif.com in collaboration with simbrief.com is currently the best way to get Infinite Flight-compatible flight-plans. You could also use it in collaboration with flightaware.com! I’m not aware of any other websites that make IF-compatible flight plans!

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Thankyou for your help :) if I use it with flightaware instead of SimBrief does it have the up to date AIRAC cycle? As I currently use SimBrief and it’s an out of date cycle so my way points can be all over the place! 😂


I’m not sure if FlightAware uses the AIRAC cycles.

Warning: FlightAware only gives reliable FLPs for flights in or out of the US


No worries, I will stick to what I’m using 😁 Thankyou for your help!

Simbrief classic and FPLtoIF. Also, keep in mind the IF commercial aircraft have performance factors-for example, the A320 is -15 and the A321 is -26 from the numbers simbrief will give you off the bat.

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I personally use SimBrief.


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