Flight Amsterdam region

Server:Training server
Parking:B61-B75 Schipol
Takeoff Runway 24
KLM livery planes only
My call sign is KLM 2400 heavy
My planes:777. (KLM livery)
Flight plan:EHAM-EHAM (all over the map)
Altitude: 16000ft Autopilot
Airspeed: Autopilot (345knts)
Copy my flight plan
Landing Runway 24
Comment for Questions
Time: Right Now
Need ATC too anyone can be ATC

Please wait until you are Trust Level TL2 to post I’m #live:events. You can reach it by reading and being active.

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It isn’t in proper event format and it’s just a flight. I think it’s fine in live :)


He didn’t post it in events.

Event duhhh.

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I’m waiting
Flight plan has been drawn

@anon49271947 it isn’t a event, people can organise I group flight that doesn’t have to be a event. Back on topic now.

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If so, @Diyal24 please convert the time to Zulu time

Ok thankyou

Too bad the KLM 777-200er is gone.

Wait for me.

Waiting …

The time is now. It must be 4:15 in America which is why he put that time

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I could be ATC if you still require :)

You just vanished while making a sharp turn

My game crashed :(

Well that sucks
Add me on Instagram so that we can communicate where and when to fly
Username: mohibahmad2000

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