Flight/Airport Tracker

Any good and working Infinite Flight trackers out there to track departures and arrival traffic schedules? live flight has it in their app but not in the web version for some reason. and map flight idk of they have something like schedule trackers for airports.

You can use the IFATC global inbound link: IFATC Info - Inbound Flights
(to check inbound arrivals based on their ETA)

yeah but i need departures too. live flight has past hour departures and next hour arrivals whats nice but unfortunately not in their web app.

Departures wouldn’t work with IF. How should one predict when someone spawns in and how long he needs to set up his flightplan?
Personal I do spontaneously flights where I stick up a quick fp in the app, and I do planed but not scheduled flights where I have premade a fp and stored as .fpl. The later is way faster from spawn to takeoff. How should any app predict?

There are no scheduled departures in IF, no app can show what’s not there.
The arrivals are calculated based on flightplan and current ground speed of the airborn aircraft, depending on the phase of flight, climb, cruise climb, cruise, descend, the calculated arrival time changes in IF. It is not a schedule at all.
Some VAs might have a schedule, and some pilots might want to strike for reality and copy a real world schedule, but there is no build in schedule in IF.

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departues and arrivals work just look at live flight on ios. its shows you past hour and nex thour traffic

Screenshots from Live Flight Ios app


Cool link. It’s that based on real life time in the region?

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It shows you when a aircraft has departed in the past, not when it will depart in the future.
That is not a schedule.
You asked for a schedule, and you won’t get a schedule out of IF.

Schedule = planed activity, something in the future, not in the past.

Also arrival times in IF are not scheduled times, they are predictions.
Calculated based on current activity, not planed.

@Major-Tom was only trying to help you but didn’t understand what you were looking for properly. No need for the rude insults because they made a mistake, they still took time out to help you even if it wasn’t right :)