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I was wondering if anyone knows what’s being currently flown on the LHR to MAD route for either Iberia or British Airways. The reason why I’m asking is because Flightaware.com is down currently.



BA is A319-A320

http://flightmapper.net/ is a good resource if others ever go down.

Iberia uses the A321 A350 A340

For BA I am not sure

From EGLL?

There is also this linking to my post above if the others ever go down:

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Flight BA7055 flown yesterday at 10:45 was an Airbus A321 under an Iberian Codeshare (IB3175), I would assume it is the same for most flights.

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BA uses a 788 as well

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flightaware is extremely unreliable. frequently down

(I searched MAD-LHR, but aircrafts are the same for the other way around)
BA 459: A319/320/320NEO/321NEO
BA 461: B787-8

IB 3162: A321
IB 3166: A330/350
IB 3176: A320NEO/321

It’s actually the other way around. Iberia flight number is IB 3175 opb Iberia with BA codeshare.

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