Flight across Germany (LANDED - 3 ATTENDING) @ EDNY 061330ZJUL19

Server: Training

Airport: EDNY (Friedrichshafen)

Time: 2019-07-06T13:30:00Z
NOTAM: Due to limited space at the destination, some aircrafts will have to park on the taxiway

Event Information: We will be flying across Germany (from the south to the north) from Friedrichshafen (at the very south of Germany) to Flensburg (at the very north of Germany). During our flight, we will fly above some german states.

Flight Information:
Aircraft: Due to the size of the destination Cessna Citation X

Climb Profile: 240/290/0.80
Descent Profile: 0.80/290/240
Fuel: 3500 lbs
Cruising Altitude: 35000 ft
Begin your descent 150 nm out of the destination

Gate 201: @Flips_Fisch (me)
Gate 202: @Planespotterben
Gate 203: @Aly2120
Gate 204: @Capt.SkyWalker
Gate 205:
Gate 206
GA Main Apron 1:
GA Main Apron 2:
GA Main Apron 3:
GA Main Apron 4:

More gates can be added!

Me, @Flips_Fisch, will pushback first. Copy the FPL from me. My callsign will be N479LH.

To sign up, please leave a comment with your name and callsign and the gate you would like to have!

If you would like to be ATC, please leave a comment with your name and the frequency you’d like to control

If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

See you soon,

PS: Please leave an answer in the poll how my thread was.

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Just a little advice add a photo make it pop so people are interested to join!


Hey @Flips_Fisch,
I would like to fly with you.
Can you give me a Gare please?

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What’s your callsign?

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My callsign will be PB2706

Ok, you‘re signed up, Gate 202

How long does the flight take?

Count me in

I do Live In Germany (Düsseldorf) and never heard of these places bTW

Callsign: D-ALY
Gate: 203

Ok, you’re signed up

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Don’t forget the event

Sign me up :-) Gate 204

You‘re signed up!

When you spawn, copy the FPL from me!

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Spawn in now!

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