Flight Academy orders 60 electric planes

OSM Aviation in Norway have placed an order of 60 electric eFlyer2 2-seater planes with the intention to train the future generation of pilots for electric planes.

Photo: Bye Aerospace

With aviation accounting for around 12% of all global transport emissions, the order is a step towards a sustainable future for OSM Aviation and Norway’s goal to shift all short-haul routes to electric flight by 2040.

This is the largest order for commercial electric planes to date.

Eflyer2 is built by Colorado based Bye Aerospace

Bye Aerospace will probably be the first to mass produce a certified FAR 23 and EASA 23 all-electric airplane


Very interesting! Maybe I should go fly one! Probably based in Denver

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I think they are based at Englewood. First test flight was at Centennial Airport south of Denver.

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I know where all those places are lol


I figured 😊 I have never visited Colorado lol

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Imagine getting a ppl with a thousand bucks…
Dreams become reality

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Some stories regarding electrification in aviation related to Norway.

Sola airport (ENZV) on the west coast of Norway is preparing for electric planes and will be ready for them in 2022. Avinor* and industry partners are aiming to make Norway a world leader in electric aviation and to electrify all domestic flights by 2040.

  • Avinor is a wholly-owned state limited company under the
    Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications
    and is responsible for 44 state-owned airports

Airbus E-Fan X

Rolls Royce PLC established Rolls Royce Electrical in Norway last year and will develop a
2,5 MW generator and a frequency converter for the E-Fan X.

Airbus E-fan X is a hybrid electrical testbed (BAE-146/RJ100) with its right inboard turbofan replaced by an electric motor.
Production of parts and ground testing starting this year and by the end of 2020 they aim to start flight testing. One year after that they hope the E-Fan X can make its first public flights.


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