Flight 752

After hearing the crash in Iran I have done a memorial flight which I have finished the flight for them. Condolences to the families who have been affected.


Nice shots!
As for the Passenger and families affected, our hearts go out to them.
May all the passengers Rest In Peace.


Good photos! While on a touchy subject, I still love it. Rest in peace to all the victims.


Nice photos, a very sad incident. It has come to a conclusion that it was shot down unintentionally :(

RIP all of the victims, and condolences to their families and friends.

Keep the good work!

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Beautiful pictures, It’s Unfortunate this stuff happen

Nice shots! It is indeed a very sad event…

FYI that is a 737-900 (I know there are no UAI 738s in IF, but you could specify :)

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Great Job. Wish the real flight finished like you did :(