Fliegen nach Italien!

Aircraft: E-190
Server: Expert

Hope y’all enjoy!

Lifting off

I want an office like this one day.

Passing over the mountainous Switzerland.

Touching down

Someone needs to make this airport 3D!

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Warum ist das in Deutsch?


Oh it’s Lufthansa

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Nice photos, they are slightly too saturated on 2 and 3 tho the shots are 🔥

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Hallo! Ich bin DJW und Ich bin speilen IF jetzt.
rough translation: I am DJW and I am playing IF now

Thank you!

I don’t know German yet, altho I will be taking a class soon!

I’m using duolingo, though maybe I might take in-person classes

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Not quite but close enough

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german is funny, just like english, female, neutral, male, elder, friend, family, All of these have to be taken into account when speaking.

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I’ve learning this for 7 years. Mein Deutsch ist nicht das beste.

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There are more problems tho, like the useless overcomplication of genitiv, you change everything, you don’t add a simple ’

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aber meine Deutsch ist nicht schlecht

just to sum up German is confusing

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Ja, dein Deutsch is gut aber Deutsch is a sustantiv, so du musst es mit der Große D schreiben.

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Ja, ich habe es vergessen! 😅

I don’t even know what you guys are saying lol

well, you’ll learn…

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