Flickering graphics on aircraft v19.2.3


I’ve noticed weird flickering of graphics after 19.2 update, specifically on A320 series.
On zooming out or using scenic camera view I see the wings, tale section and cockpit flickers, this wasn’t the case before this update. I am on iOS 12.3.1, iPad Pro 3rd Gen with anti aliasing on.

Have you guys have experienced this yet?

It “flickers” because the resolution of the plane itself has gone down dramatically. It is actually a pixelation of the plane itself. This was purposely made by the devs to limit the frame rate and reduce the lag time associated with high resolution gaming in the sim. It was made so particularly when you zoom out, you don’t need that high of resolution on far away planes or plane parts.

Anyone with extra knowledge, please do correct me if I am wrong though.

Hope this helped, and safe flying! 😁

Thanks for responding.

There are more detailed aircrafts like CRJ, 787 etc… where I don’t see this problem, edges are rendered smooth in all camera views. Not sure why A320 specifically have this, annoying sometimes.

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@schyllberg Hey! Did someone else report the same issue or is it just me? I am not sure if this was an existing bug or I am noticing it post update.

I have the same issue on an iPad 2018. Fortunately it doesnt ruin the experience for me so I have been ignoring it thinking it was just me!

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I’ve noticed this on the 789 on the small circular nozzles (sorry I don’t know the technical name of this) on the fuselage

Yep it’s the same for me on the A320 series but the upcoming hot fix should fix that issue.

The hotfix has already come out

Nope I think it’s being released to some android users the other day to test maybe a mod can clarify this but it has not come out to iOS users yet. They are still in the last phases of testing before releasing to all users

Oh yep I think you’re right it has come out. Sorry for that.

Yea, the hot fix is still out, and the flickering hasn’t been fixed. It’s especially evident on the 767 wings.

the a340 has a huge flickering spot arnd its left wing;hope this get fixed as well

Guys, is this also happening if you have increased the aircraft or rendering graphics?

Yes, all settings maxed out. I don’t see any lag just that graphics aren’t rendered correctly for few planes if you zoom in/out.

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I think it’s because of the rendering. The old graphics settings are back, for users with mobiles who had trouble running the sim with the new previous graphic that was “Fast, Good, Best, Ridiculous”. It really was very heavy for Android phones. It was returned because many Android users could not run the sim and if they did it was very lag, especially in medium or low range phones. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

This is definately an issue on the 789. Not seen it on the A320 family.

Just noticed this on the A330 as well, flickering around the front doors and cockpit.

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