Flickering graphics and speed 21.02.01

Hi There,

I have noticed ever since the 21.1 update and now with the 21.2 update upon landing at a 3D airport, the graphics and the “speed” in the speed tape flickers.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? I had no issues prior the 21.1 update.

My device and setting so far:
Phone is: iPhone 12 Pro Max with plenty of storage
Anti-Aliasing is off.
Frame rate at 30fps
Airplane count is on high

I appreciate if anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve this?


What do you mean by this?

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When I land, the air speed fluctuates rapidly. E.g. the speed jumps from 140kts then down to 130kts and then 130kts to 115kts and so on.
The Graphics appear distorted also.

Once I watch the replay, everything appears to be fine with the graphics but the Air Speed appears as 80kts upon landing.
It is strange given that I have not had any issues prior these updates.

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Weird, is it possible that winds could be a factor with the speed fluctuating?

This.looks to be the case here that the wind was gusty! Does it happen all the time?

Thanks for your reply - No it doesnt happen all the time. This might sound strange but I have noticed it happens when there are aircraft on the ground at a 3D airport.

In regards to speed, I am not sure but it may be due to the heavy wind, however the Graphics pause and and move on at the same time e.g - A bit like a play/pause/play and the aircraft is flying in a robotic way upon landing etc, if this makes sense?

Right, I am no expert here, but it might be the case that your geat cannot quite handle the new version. Try lowering the settings?

Have the same problem on the Same Device!

Did the flickering happen when you were on the ground taxiing?

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Taxing on departure and landing was fine. When I land at a 3D airport with fewer aircraft or a non 3D airport with many aircraft is fine also.

Usually it would be the wind as on final approach sometimes there could be updraft or the equivalent but seeming as it only happens at 3D airports, i’m not sure

Yes! Just after landing!

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