Flickering Global server

I know there is already a topic about this but is it supposed to be flickering?

It’ll come and go for less than a second. Then Stop and come back a few seconds later?

Just wanting to know if there is any new updates to the issue


It’s a know issue. Please read @schyllberg post as eveyone is experiencing this.

I don’t know

I did just say that but should it be flickering?

Well yeah there’s server issues so anything could be happening

Just landed at a very buggy Copenhagen airport! Expert

I got lagged out after I saw the flickers…😔

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Sorry I mean global server whoops

Been flickering for me as well 😓

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It’s been about 30mins since the last update so just wanting some more news really

There’s not much more to tell at this point. Just woke someone up at 4am his time to help.


The flickering won’t lag the game right? Just won’t load?

I can’t even get into a flight

Yes it shouldn’t lag the game

Just came back for a sec again

Yeah, I experienced this too, when I went in to land the airport wasn’t there and it was just terrain. I’m guessing it’s just part of the current issue!

Yeah but now it’s flickering instead of not working for a long period of time

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Mine flickered for about 20 minutes and then just stopped working

You can tell its definatly trying to work but it just can’t

We’re not using Azure for this.

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