Flex your Infinite Flight Route Map!

Thanks lol

I fly almost every day, usually multiple flights. Almost too much actually 😂

I think it’s because I don’t always follow the ATC schedule unless the US is featured.

Yeah I try to fly twice daily lol

Same here!

Only went back about a year or so, but here it is, 2.1 million nautical miles, and just about 2500 hours.

Cyan is non-affiliated flying
Navy was from my time at UVA
Red are my DLVA flights

Maybe this will be the year that I make it to India and South Africa


Looks at my 7688 hours of flight time and 3400 flights in my log book. Sorry not going to go through that mess. Waste too much time to create a flight route map.

I can link to all the flights I did during a single month alone in September 2019.

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basically I have been flying everyday

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So far, I have 200 flights in since I started yesterday, but I still have a lot to go.

Here are my flights from 2019, covered in a topic, but most aren’t in the log yet as I only have December 2018, January 2019, and a good chunk of February done, but I still have to get like 14 months done! I’ll post again once I’m all done! Still got like 14 months of the logbook to go though…

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Omg. That’s amazing!

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That’s a LOT of flight hours!

Only 1 flight to KCLT that really hurts me.


Here is mine, I have lived in HKG, AMS AND ORD (currently in ORD). Amount of times per route isn’t accurate, I just wanted the line, don’t care about the color. Missing a lot flight numbers, but it is fine imo. And the dates aren’t accurate. Fun fact, my MH 17 flight was 4 days before the crash. RIP everyone on board.

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Too bad there’s not a copy and paste your flights from your log book into it. I try to only fly real routes and I try not to repeat, I’m sure my map would look interesting but it sounds a little like a lot of work

how do you make on im kinda confused haha

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Here i mine. The list is incomplete becasue i cant be bothered inputting the same flight 7 or 8 times, so enjoy!

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I use myFlightradar24 on ipad

well… here it is https://my.flightradar24.com/Gameboy_KIRB

Lots of flights!

Yours is set to private. To change go to settings.

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I will check if i can do it tomorrow i have 124 pages to review 😅