Flex your Infinite Flight Route Map!

Flex Your Infinite Flight Route map to the Community!

Hello there, I have updated the title as it was quite unprofessional. As I look back at my logbook and take the hours it took to log my flights, it led me down a road of memory lane. It reminded me of my first flight on Casual, to the latest flight I did as a Grade 4 pilot on expert (Written May 26, 2020). Between those times, I have traveled the world, joined 10 VA’s (of which 8 I am still in), and have met the whole Infinite Flight team at EAA AirVenture 2019. My goal for this summer is to fly to all 50 US states and to fly in Canada and Mexico more. This is in addition to the ROTW I run @anon21968459 where we are traveling to all 7 continents and the top 10 airports in those continents. I look forward to this journey!

I have made a Flex your real-world map. So feel free to check it out.

How to make you're IF route map!

Step 1: Create a free MyFlightRadar24 account here
Step 2: Go to your logbook in Infinite Flight. (This can be found on the left side of the main menu. Second one down from the top underneath the “replays” button.)
Step 3: Click “Add flight” on the top right-hand corner of the MyFlightRadar24 screen.
Step 4: Insert the date you flew the flight.
Step 5: Insert departure ICAO and Arrival ICAO as well as the Aircraft used.
Step 6: Click Next, and finish on the following two screens until that flight is saved. Add additional information when needed.
Step 7: Add as many or as little flights as you want!
Step 8: Go to “Settings” on the top right-hand corner of MyFlightRadar24
Step 9: Under “Profile Privacy” click Public.
Step 10: Copy the link in the top address bar
Step 11: You’re done! Paste the link into this thread!

Here is Mine


Mines gonna be one hell of a mess… Time to flick through my 40-70 logbook pages


Okay guess I’ll start off:

43 pages of logbook right there ^^


Wow! Impressive!

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I’ll make mine and post it here when I can.

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So, is this like, every flight we’ve done?

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Sure! I’m making mine atm as an example

Here’s mine!

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Same except for me it’s more like 120 logbook pages. Assuming that this is about IF Live flights. If its IRL then forget everything that I said below.

Let’s just sum it up and say that I’ve flown to every continent (even Antarctica), every US state, many times to Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Russia and Canada.

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Yeah I have 150 logbook pages, but a lot of that is testing gates for events


Alright here we go:

Also in my profile too.
Most recent flight: DAL-TUL (1st time in Tulsa, so should be easy to see)

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I would recommend you Munich for routes in the future! (It’s my home and favorite airport)

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Here’s mine.

It may be interesting to know that PAJN to OMDB and KJFK to YSSY were done nonstop by the XCub 😉

That’s just what I could remember off the top of my head; there are probably more.

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When yous see mine yous can clearly tell I’m European and that I like the 737 the most 😂😂😂

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yours is set to private go to settings and you should be able to change it

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Here’s mine. It should be public now.

sadly nope

Forgot to click “SAVE”. It’s public now. Try it.

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