Hello pilots!

Is there a program, application or calculation to know or convert “FLEX TEMPERATURE” and “ASSUMED TEMPERATURE” to N1%?

Ex: Boeing 777-300ER
D-TO 2 +70 C = 85.0% N1

   Boeing 747-400

D-TO 2 +73 C = 91.0% N1


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What website is this?


It wont let me register

Have you purchased it?

You have to buy the license


Price: EUR 5.0

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Yes yes, I bought it

TOPER777 is a free app on Google Play Store.

Don’t think it is available on Apple

Sorry, I think I hit the wrong reply button, I was asking Johann

With only the 777-200LR though iirc

Yes, But this one only has the calculation for the B77L

Yeah that’s true. I didn’t know the website had other variants.

Has… B77W, B773, B772 and B77L and more Boeing’s

Cool. Ok check it out

I’m sorry, but what exactly is the question here? Is this just an advertisement for this app or is there an Infinite Flight related question that I missed? 🤨

I want to know how do I change this “Sell Temp” temperature to N1%? To be able to apply the ideal% N1 power to Infinite 😐

I want to know how you do it? 🤷

You would need to find the Flex Temp chart for the aircraft you’re looking for. It would look something similar to the image below. Other than the paper charts, I’m not aware of any online applications/websites that allow you do perform these calculations.

Find the performance charts for the aircraft you’re trying to FLEX on and do the math on there.


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