Flew to New York JFK!

Hello guys,
Last seturday, I went to Brussels, flew with KLM fokker 70 to Amsterdam, then I flew with KLM Boeing 747-400 Combi to New York JFK and the next day, sunday evening (New York) I flew with Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300 back to Brussels.

This was the first time for me that I flew with these plane. I had good flight, friendly crew and nice food!

Also New York city was Nice, with high skyscrapers!



Love the Delta B763.

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I’ts a beautifu plane!

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Ah, the PH-BFI! Nice!! :)

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All the way to NY just for the day?

I hope to fly KLM YYZ-OSL

I think it was to fly.

I was surprised about the one day as well. :)

That’s what happens when you build a city on bedrock.

I went to New York, stayed for 1 night, next day in the evening I flew back.

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Why not enjoy more than just a night?

Welcome to New York, where you can’t catch a cab in the rain😂

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👍👍👍 that is true

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One night indeed. But I walked in the city. It’s was a nice weekend :)

Was it enough time then? I have been thinking of popping over to NY for a few days for a while ((:

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Come over to New York and you will enjoy it.

-One of the locals

I want to back to New York and I hope for a longer time :)

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I ❤️ NY !!!


Was in December 2015 for 9 days in NYC. Very nice City! A lot of sights to see.


I would recommend visiting the Intrepid air and space museum! Next time you’re there of course :)

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