Flew in a Cessna taildragger this morning

Old friend of mine from college who is a pilot for Southwest owns this 66 year old Cessna 170. He took me up this morning for about an hour.

Driving out to the airport I saw a couple of crop dusters doing work in the surrounding farms. I wish I had time to pull over and video them, but did catch them on the ground later.


I love this hope you had a great time wish I could do this.

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Awesome pictures! What airport did you guys fly out of? :)


Out west of Houston…Eagle Lake, flew to Columbus for a touch and go then made our way back.

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I love GA almost as much as I love commercial jets… Such pleasant aircraft to fly, especially the vintage ones.

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I have always coveted a Cessna 170, gorgeous airplane and great photos! Thanks for sharing.

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This may be a bit off topic… But does your friend fly the MCI-RSW route? If so he may of been carrying me on his plane

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Enjoy Fort Myers, say hello to my retired parents!


Nice Pictures! That must have been a fun ride.

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