Flew back in time - MH 77E@LAX

Flew a Malaysian 777-200ER from Taipei to LAX a few days ago as I wanted to flew something slightly nostalgic :D

A slightly quiet evening at LAX with an Emirates A380 heading for departure while I was slowing down on the runway. Always nice to meet others at the airport :D

A red light for the beauty to pass through!(JK lol)

Parked next to an Icelandair 757 - Hello there!

About the flight:

MH KUL-TPE-LAX service - MH94 started as early as early 1990s and was cancelled at around 2012 when MH decided to try their luck on reverting the service through Narita instead of Taoyuan like when they first serve LAX. That didn’t work out and MH quietly axed it’s LAX operation in 2014 due to severe financial loss caused by stiff competition (And subsequently the heavy blow after MH370 and MH17). Sadly it seems unlikely that the red and blue Kelantan kite will return to LA any time soon and the best way to see them in LA would probably be through IF :(


Nice shots there !

I like it, those pictures are great! 😎