Flew a real plane for the first time!

Did an intro flight at a local flight school here and had a blast. I am now addicted and will work on getting my PPL.

Flew a 152. My CFI had me taxi the plane, take off and fly the entire flight up until the turn to base. Didn’t expect to do so much, but a lot of it felt natural since I have been flying simulators since I was quite young. CFI told me he thinks I would be good enough to be able to finish my PPL at 40 hours or damn near close to it. Can’t wait to be able to fly whenever I want!


Nice, well done! I remember my first time. :)

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Every one does. Also, everyone remembers their first solo and cross country.

Congratulations my friend, welcome to the party pal (as I’ve said to another guy who just started his)

Boy there’s a lot of people starting their ppl right now (really only two, but still)

Well done! , Hope i start to get flying lesson when i can.

That’s pretty personal but ok.


Hopefully you lasted longer than I did my first time. I barely got up, then we had to land because of turbulence.


…at least you got up.

Oh poor Seb…


I got up, and was so excited! Then I got tired turned around. The flight lasted 10 minutes.


MaxSez: My memories fading, I barely remember my first time. i think l was on my first cruise up in the Med. I seem to remember she was old, fat an I felt cheated, it cost $2.00.


It was a perfect morning. Sunny with about 5 mph winds.

My first time I remember circrling the pattern for ever waiting for clearance. Finally was approved then blew the landing on short final. Practice makes perfect.

Well done, I remember the little Cessna being fun and forgiving.
The flying bug sure does bite hard - wishing you many more fun hours of flying :)

Hope you had a blast! I still remember mine - my first flight was cancelled due to weather and my second one had an insane amount of turbulence. The plane was rocking with the parking break on!
The last thing I remember was how hard it was to start the engine. We cranked, primed and cranked again. My instructor went out to check but everything was fine. After a few more minutes, it finally started.
And oh my goodness the engines are loud! :)

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