Fleet Composite || South African Airways

Well here we are again, a moment I didn’t think would happen so soon. Even South African Airways has yet to officially cease their operations (April 17), I feel that this needed to be done. I had a gut feeling when I woke up this morning and thought; “hey remember that KLM composite image I made? One that would stand out would be South African, their planes have such a beautiful livery”. So I made it this morning, a few moments ago I saw the post by @IFLY and thought “boy ain’t that a coincidence.”

So to show my respect for SAA, I created a simple composite image of their modern fleet for you all. This edit took over an hour to make and I used 4 applications to accomplish it; Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed, PicsArt and Procreate. I hope you enjoy this photo, stay tuned for more!

You’re in our hearts SAA, hang in there.

S O U T H - A F R I C A N - A I R W A Y S


I M A G E - D E T A I L S

Each aircraft that bares the modern South African Airways livery (A333/A346/738/DH8/CR7) was individually photographed departing Johannesburg’s O R Tambo International Airport. Each photo was edited in to a single wide angle photo then the real editing began (which I can’t speak about just yet). Each flight took place on solo mode and the photos were captured utilizing the Neistat Drone Camera.

Copyright - @DeltaMD88Fan


That is so beautiful!!!

South African could still be around for a little longer, if not, it could be started with a small international route, owned by bigger airliners. Great shots though.

Now that’s an awesome looking photo there, do you mind if I do one of these types of photos? Inspired by yours, of course.

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Feel free ;)

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Thats awesome man!!