Flawless controlling on PG

My advice to anyone looking for a rewarding ATC environment is to look for specific controllers. Even if a quick spawn in to check different airports to view who’s running what and where can make an incredible difference. Most recently I had Benny87654321 and RikowalSkipper controlling my airspace with great accuracy and fluidity, making my and I presume all members flying in their airspace rewarding. Thank you to these two but also to all new or seasoned vets, on the ground or in the air, who really care.


Thank you very much for the positive feedback :), it’s really greatly appreciated. I try my best to control to the best of my abilities and it’s nice to hear every once and a while that your work is appreciated by others. It is my pleasure to give you and the community atc service to the best of my abilities.


Aww Thank you so much ;)
After sharpening my skills further, I hope to meet you at Advanced server 😊


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I COMPLETLEY agree, and very well written. When I was struggling I would fly between advanced controllers, and observe them.

Where did the floor go? ;)

Anyway it’s nice to see that @Benny87654321 is improving his skills :)

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My advice is… Stay away from LAX, NUC, or SAN. Usually those places are controlled by wannabies. Go to BUR or PSP.

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I think PG ATC who are serious about moving forward should merely sit in and listen to the advanced controllers do their thing. Rarely does a problem arise when flying advanced and after a short time the controller developes a rhythm which is exactly what everyone wants. However there are instances, when a pilot or a contoller do make a mistake, and it is precisely within the next series of transmissions that a newer controller must listen in on to understand how both pilot and ATC can quickly resolve any givin problem.

Playground was well behaved? That’s a first

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It’s seems like the community as a whole has had enough time to dig in, making that flow easier to come by. It makes sense that this sim and its following will only continue to grow and become much better…and its already amazing:)

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KPSP is sometimes controlled by wannabes too! KLAX is controlled by good ATC (like a lot of people) 😊😊

No lol. Klax is mess 99% of the time

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I was controlling KLAX for 30mins. After that, gave up, no one was listening.

My advice. never ever control at, KLAX KNUC AND KSAN

Worst places.

Well done @Benny87654321 and @RiKowalSkipper! Hope to see you guys controlling on advance! 😉


Same… I did Ground for almost an hour and gave up. The worst thing is when you ask the aircraft at the holding point to contact tower and they keep sending you “Requesting pushback” even after asking them to follow instruction. They cant even do simple task like frequency change. Irritated…


If your serious about controlling on the advanced server. I suggest opening up somewhere other then So Cal where it gets too crazy and very few pilots listen. Also check out the link here .And if you meet the requirements get in touch with myself or another recruiter listed. DO NOT contact more then 1 recruiter. Be patient and they will get back in touch with you. // Recruiter

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