Flat world map

My dad for some reason has been roped into the Flat earthers society during the lockdown. Unfortunately, when he asked me to play on infinite flight he found out the flight planning world map is a globe and not flat. He then proceeded to tell me that infinite flight is pedaling the government’s brainwashing agenda and forced me to sit through 4 long videos proving the earth is flat. Is there any way of changing the map flat so my dad won’t block me from playing the simulator?


Nope, not at the moment. Wouldn’t make sense for aviators, as the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line.


I’m sorry you gotta live with that, dude. Gave me the hardest laugh I’ve had on the IFC for a while tho. Thanks for sharing lol. Anyway, to answer your question, see @Pingu’s comment.


Sorry to hear that, man. One thing that may work is to tell him that the earth is rendered as a cube (yes, it actually is). That may give him more of the “flat” feeling. I wish you the best!


Dealing with something similar with my mom regarding a “flat” earth, wish I had advise to give you…

No disrespect to your dad is any way or form but this is just really funny to read 😂 There is currently no way to shape the earth to be flat in the simulator, maybe I can photoshop a photo of a WIP for you of the IF Map…

Just say that it’s made a globe to help with server issues and a flat map would take up too much room

But I didn’t think people would be that roped in to the flat earth thing


Your dad sounds like a guy many of us would like to have a long conversation with.

@Senneca ask him if social distancing has pushed anyone over the edge yet


Unfourtanetly we don’t have anything like that at the moment, maybe you could make a feature request? That might be your best option

Sorry to hear that

i 100% believe the earth is shaped like a dinosaur chicken nugget


I guess you can make an features request. But, that is unlikely.

Also, here is a picture of earth from the ISS. Looks fairly round.


tHe EaRtH iS a FlAt SpHeRe


I’m at a loss for words on this one.

Hope IF doesn’t get taken away from you. Good luck.


Just shows how harsh lockdowns are on people and what they do to people. Open up the world!!

Hold up; I may have an idea. LiveFlight is an application that tracks flights on IF. Current flights can be shown on a flat map. Maybe you can show him that?


Maybe convince him liveflight is the map for the simulator

Yeah, many people are struggling with this. Don’t see an end to this madness…

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Omg totally forgot about that! that is actually a very good idea.

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This is the craziest thing I’ve seen on the IFC in a while