Flat Tires on 777-3 Landing Gear

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Version Information

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21.01 (build 2)

Device Information

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iPad 7th Generation, iOS 14.4.2

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777-3 has flat tires. I know it isn’t a scenery catche issue, because the front gear is fine, and I was able to taxi with no issue.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • select any 777-3 livery
  • _Start at any airport _

Expected results

Describe the expected result

The plane’s tires should not be flat, and instead should be full of air.

Actual results

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The plane’s main gear appears flat. Likely rendering through the airport.

More Information

Unable to repro.

iOS 14
iPad Air 4
21.01 (931)

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Unable to reproduce.

It may be one of your graphics settings or device settings causing this

Little strange. I’m on the highest graphic settings. Maybe just a one time weird occurrence.

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Did you update to the latest beta build?

Yes, had just re-downloaded it right before the flight

Seems like it happens on the runway too:

I am glad to see this. I have had the same problem upon landing. My flight was A 320 into EDDM using android

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