Flat spins

I was wondering how or if it was possible to do a flat spin in IF. I have tried and tried but have never been able to get it to work.

The only way to find out is to try, or stall out with enough rudder…

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Jokes aside, I have been trying to find out what you can push to the limits in IF. Well, before my subscription expired. Most likely your best bet is the F-22.

most of the time it will start but by time it dives the airspeed is to high so it fall out of the spin.

I did get it in a airliner with one engine shutdown and the other at full power

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Well, its official then. You can, just under the right circumstances.

I’ve done it with the Cessna 172 and Spitfire.



That aside, it makes sense.

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I’ve done by accident in an F-22 once, but never managed to enduce one manually, even after trying many times.

Yes, the flame spitter

You can enter a flat spin with most aircraft in the sim. Just throw the rudder to the left, then right, increasing the lateral distance travelled until you lose control. Be warned, it’s likely you’ll be unable to recover the A-10, I’ve tried and failed many times.

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