Flashing landing lights?

I have just seen a private jet go overhead with its forward facing landing lights flashing.

Anyone any idea what this may mean? A radio problem maybe?

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It could be just a electrical problem with the landing lights

It’s not a signal of distress I’m pretty sure. I work under the approach for KLUK and have seen many planes with the alternating flashing front lights. I think it’s just working in a similar purpose of a strobe more or less.

You’re sure that’s not the strobe? People don’t switch on the nav (on GA)…

Ts a landing light kit. Basically they flash for more visability. Not strobes ethier. The switch basically goes, on, flash, off

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From what I looked up, it said that it reduces chances of bird strikes by scaring them and makes the plane more visible.


I know that a lot of helicopters have this.

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looks to be recognition lights. some planes have both landing lights and those lights for better visibility


They are conspicuity lights. Makes the aircraft more visible to other traffic.

Only generally tend to see them on small jets.

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All the WN 737s have this option, although you normally only see it functioning on the 733s. Like others have said, the purpose of these lights was an attempt to reduce the amount of bird strikes by taking away the solid light they want to fly towards.


Cool to see the Hawker again! I used to work in Wichita at the Beechcraft plant. Actually got to be part of the Raytheon team that managed the transition of the Hawker from the UK to the US. Nice jet!

It looks really cool, doesn’t it? I’ve also seen aircraft do it on start up at night.

It’s to let other planes know that they are landing, when planes take off, there lights are not flashing, only on landing

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I live in SoCal and with all the pursuits helis have the alternating lights when flying low.

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