Flashback: Virgin Australia's "Kids Class"

Virgin Australia, the airline losing nearly a million dollars a day. It is also Australia’s second-largest airline (which really isn’t that hard to do) serving dozens of destinations in Australia, the Pacific, Asia and North America. And you what would probably make them money and let them expand their route network? Kids Class, so that’s exactly what they did (sort of)

2016, the days of the San Clemente pileup and a new 787 you could only fly in circles, the good old days. Also in 2016, however on the completely normal and non-eventful day of April 1st Virgin Australia released a new commercial promoting their new “kids class”. It included priority check-in, a “turnkey service”, colouring-in and storybooks, kicking pillows, chewable safety cards, fresh fruit and treats, a customized teddy service, on-demand bubbles, a tent and fairy lights.

Now to me, this sounds like a great deal. They were meant to be installing it on their Boeing 737-800 domestic fleet in 2016 yet after flying with Virgin Australia last week review coming soon I spotted no such “Kids Class” onboard, however this may have been because I had a few beers but that isn’t relevant. Enjoy the video ;)

virgin 738
One of Virgin Australia’s 737-800 aircraft full image credit


Is this meant to be funny?

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No it’s a legit thing

Very legit, 100%

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This seems like an automatic COVID-19 transmitter


Seems legit

To a little kid (like 1-3yrs old) any safety card is a chewable safety card.

Pre-Global IF I’m guessing?

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I never heard about this, well I guess it wasn’t a good idea.

It was an April fools joke, a few airlines will put these out (ie, Westjet)

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