Flashback: Qantas London to Sydney non-stop

Found an interesting video on Youtube that I hope at least a few of you might enjoy. In 1989 Qantas decided that they wanted to break a world record by flying one of their then trademark “Longreach” 747’s (VH-OJA) from London Heathrow to Sydney non-stop. Interestingly enough this aircraft also completed the worlds shortest 747 flight from Sydney to Albion Park in which you can watch a video about here. For 20hrs 9min and 5 seconds, this aircraft flew circumnavigating half the earth on its way to Australia’s largest city. The funny thing was that the news presenter said at the time that non-stop flights between Australia and Briton could be 10 years away, in reality, it will have taken 29 years for the first flight of that kind to launch with Q9 Perth to London commencing next year, enjoy


Nice vid, really looking forward to QF9,too ;)

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Very interesting! Well, I guess it’s kind of a ‘dream come true’ since Qantas recently announced non-stop flights to London Heathrow from Sydney!

I remember going on that plane at YMAY. It was very interesting and looked so nice!

Took longer than 10 years though xD


My mock airline is doing this flight and it takes around 20 Hours

It’s sad that everyone is retiring the Queen of the Sky’s.

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