Flash flight unfair!!

Hello, I’ve been playing IF for multiple years and I’ve never had to experience what I did today…
I decided to do the flash event like usual. So I spawn into CYVR, I pushback and taxi. All of a sudden, I get reported for inappropriate behaviour when I was clearly doing nothing wrong. I wait 30 mins before takeoff which I don’t mind because I know it’s busy but then this other person comes, goes ahead of me, gets clearance from ATC while I’m patiently waiting for 30 MINS!!! I think I was patient that whole time and to make things worse, another person just comes up from behind me, then takes off without clearance! It’s a disappointment that I couldn’t join because everyone else is getting clearance by doing things against the server!

Pm the controller who issued the report


Please follow the steps here:

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Please go to your logbook and find the controller who reported you.
Message them if you feel like it was unfair.

I found this out the hard way, but if you are reported (as opposed to a violation), you are booted straight off the server. So, while you were waiting, likely trying to contact the ATC for takeoff clearance, having airplanes taxi through you and taking off, they did not see or hear you. You are essentially a ghost (hence the term “ghosting”??).

On a larger scale, this is kinda annoying and perhaps easily changeable. Should a report being issued be treated differently? Perhaps if you are reported by a controller, the server kick ends your flight session immediately? Just an idea…

Thank you!

Continuing in a PM.