Flash Flight: Tokyo Takeover!

Hello again, welcome to another Flash Flight! Today we are back in Japan, connecting Sapporo to Tokyo with the wonderful ANA 777-200ER. Soak up the stunning views Japan has to offer from 38,000ft. Be sure to take some photos and share them with us on social media! With that being said, let’s fly Tokyo!

IFATC will provide service where able, so remember to always be in contact with them if they are open. This includes centre and departure frequencies.

Be sure to post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #flashflight. We look forward to seeing all of your amazing photos! You can also follow us on YouTube where we live stream some of these events and occasionally host giveaways!

Event Specifics

Origin Airport Destination Airport Livery Aircraft Flight Duration Server
RJCC RJTT ANA B772 1:10 Expert Server


This event will be streamed live on YouTube. You can watch it below!


I am not entirely sure if I can join, but I will make sure I join the stream tho ;)

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I’ll see you there 😉

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Wish I could join, on holiday though. (Did some spotting at YPPH)


Oh yeah…noice😁😁

Love the event but I missed it :(

lol so many traffic i cant even descend

Am i the only one who always has problems at an event with a lot of people? there are always too many delays, ATC hasn’t answered me for 10 minutes, that’s why i participate less and less in these events, because it seems that some people have priority over others.

Just landed at RJTT. Thank you for the fantastic flight and for the great stream @Dan! Bye!

I am sorry for here that you were provided with bad service. It is very burdensome for ATCs because there is more traffic than reality during the event. Flying in an event like this requires understanding and patience. Thanks!

A few pictures from today’s flash flight


brilliant i go around due to a aircraft on runway when im on final and atc ask me divert ._.

Lovely shots Chris!

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I know I’m not the only one that was diverted WAAAYYYYYYY off course by the center controller.

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