Flash Flight: TBM Air Race @ TJSJ - 202000ZFEB18

TBM Air Race!

Rev those engines and toot those [imaginary] horns, it’s time for a race! Head to your friendly local TBM dealer, pick up any TBM they have handy and get to TJSJ for a Flash Flight at 2000Z. This event is on the casual server, so anything goes. No cheating though!

A ring of gates has been set up around the airport for pilots to fly through. The simple goal? Be quickest around all of them!

Aircraft must fly anti-clockwise around the ring and through each gate

As always, take your best photos and post them on social media. Tag us with @infiniteflight and use the #infiniteflight hashtag for a chance to be featured on our social media.

Event Details

Server: Casual

Airport: TJSJ

Aircraft: TBM 930

Time: 2000Z [in 30 minutes!]

Altitude and Speed: low and fast!


Fly as fast as you can!
Please follow the rules of each server as required.
Have fun!

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Time to race!! Awsome

“speed…I am…speed” -Disney , Pixar (cars)


I forgot that Lighting McQueen start every time during the start of the movie 😂😂


But there are no rules in casual.
One of these days I will join your fun evens again.

Made it to space! Was there just for a flyby’s lol


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Does it start now?

Sounds nice! Can’t really understand the race course but I’ll definitely try and join.

Tap on each circle. If has 1-6 and the finish in the name!

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2000Z. It’s in 22 minutes!

Oh ok thanks. So like it’s a giant circle. Thought you had to go do 6 mini circles around the main one.
Can’t wait to see all the people coming. Plus I just got grade 5 back two minutes ago😅

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Sounds fun I’m there.


would join but I think I will lose.

Is everybody taking off at the same time?

Roughly. That is the plan!

Lol taxi way takeoffs here they come.

Is there a speed limit?

Just to be sure, do you have to go around the circle, or around the Center point of the circle?
And will it be timed in some way? Either way fun to get everyone around.

Imagine them like gates. Just go through them!