Flash Flight - Staff and Developer TBM Flight @ MYNN - 271800ZSEP18

Staff TBM Flight!

To celebrate the release of our newest update, the Infinite Flight staff and developers will be flying from MYNN - KEYW - KOPF on the casual server. We will be in the TBM930, and it would be great for you to join us all! Whether you want to fly IFR or VFR, the choice is yours as we pass over some beautiful Carribean scenery.

As always, take your best photos and post them on social media. Tag us with @infiniteflight and use the #infiniteflight hashtag for a chance to be featured on our social media. The shiny new TBM is a looker, so we are extra excited to see all the photos you have taken!

Event Details

Server: Casual

Airport: MYNN

Aircraft: TBM930

Time: 1800Z [in 30 minutes!]

Altitude and Speed: Pilot choice


A simple one this time:

Have fun!

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Now this is a for sure event to join. Can’t wait to see all the devs with their happy customers of the TBM

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Darn, too bad I can’t make it because of school. Have fun everyone!

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cant wait! ill be there and ill be quite square

Ill be there! See you there Misha!

I’ll be in school, but that’s what autopilots for ;) Will definitely be joining part of this!

The Irony is that there was a massive group flight that just departed from MYNN, although in Expert server.


Ah darn it. Still in school.


That was @Blu_Games and his Stream Train

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lol I got my free period so why not

Yup. I actually decided to fly with the whole group out of Nassau. Such a nice flight

Sad time to be using IOS 😔

Why is that? Update 18.5 has rolled out to iOS as of yesterday.


Check your App Store. Refresh it and see if the update pops up.

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Oh damn didn’t know heading to the App Store ASAP.Thanks for the heads up 🤙🏾


Wanting to join the 100 aircraft currently on their way? There is still time. Come to KEYW in the next 20-30 minutes!


Holy moly! Lots of birds in trail. 👋🏼 Smile for the camera from FL400. @natedog508 & @DenverChris you’re the lucky ones to be spotted because your tags actually showed out of the plethora of aircraft.



Im right infront of you

How could i be so lucky! haha. I’m trying to get to fl400. Airspeed’s slowly going down. Hoping to make it before Key West!