Flash Flight - Royal Air Maroc 737 @ GCLP - 021930ZAUG18

Royal Air Maroc 737
Expert Server
Flight Time 1 hr
FL350 / M.79
Copy Skyhawk Heavy’s FPL


I don’t understand how this is 1730Z if its 1900Z now…

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Is this a new thing? I haven’t seen this before.

I think it’s just something he came up with.

@Mark_Denton Is this supposed to be at 1930Z? you said 1730Z and you posted it after 1730Z…

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never seen an event like this before

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Yep, meant 1930. Not sure
Why I typed 1730 🤦🏻‍♂️.


It’s still way too late for me as I’m in Europe Central Europe to be specific

They do this on instagram!

oh, i dont have instagram so that makes more sense

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If u like more if these IF social media platforms post a lot more like this the past couple weeks i recommend giving them a follow and turning on notifications for more like this :)

currently just started descent from FL390 to GMMN

While approaching GMMN attempted to contact approach multiple times with no reply. Approx 6 minutes out I was notified to contact approach several times and replied multiple times and then was reported. Anyone on here know how to challenge that reporting?

I will PM you asking to provide some information.


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