Flash Flight: Mallorca to Manchester!

Climbing at 2500fpm

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What’s cruising?

Can’t join, I’m currently flying BNE - SIN with the A350 flying across lonely Australia giving it some love in the IF world.

@Dan, what’s cruising altitude?

Flying at FL380 for this one


Whoa, pretty high for a 738!🤪

Southwest style 🗿

YO how did I miss this

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Thanks Dan for this event, i got some ATC ops(i was local)

Can’t do landing, I have to finish it up later😭😭

Missed another flash flight

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Just de spawned. Great job to the ATC!

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My sister just flew on a B737-800 today and her cruising altitude was FL390. I’ve seen B737s go up to FL410 😨. Must’ve been very light or those engines must’ve been screaming for air.

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