Flash Flight: Low-Cost Luton!

No IFC name

ahh okay i hate people that do that to be honest so childish

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Weird thing though there was a taxi way on the map but not on the actually ground. Still messed up to cut in front of everyone. Also saw someone line up without permission making a plane go around.

thats so idiotic

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Its annoying because everyone makes mistakes but mistakes like those should not be happening. Im going to stop ranting as this is not the place to complain.

What application did you use?

SimBrief plus the listed waypoints here. I typed all necessary waypoints using Google Keep but you can use any note pad.

Hello everyone, CUBANA 1529 is joining the event using EASYJET libery. I hope one day to use CUBANA livery, because it EASY to develop CUBANA.
Magnificent Evet “Low cost Luton”

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Thanks Dan, I had lots of fun but it was also a very good learning experience as I am new. Hope to do it again with you guys soon. I do live in Australia so it is currently 3AM 😂 but I really appreciate that flight!

it went really well

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Glad you enjoyed! We have many manyyyy more official events to come :)

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Ah okay. But how do you get the altitudes on my simbreif it does not show. And somehow the e-tops stoped too.

Click on the waypoints in the map