Flash Flight: Lisbon Hop @ LEMD - 112000ZDEC19

Welcome to a one-off 19.4 release special Flash Flight!

You asked for a 19.4 release Flash Flight, so a 19.4 release Flash Flight you shall receive! Join us for a short hop from LEMD to LPPT on the expert server. We will be taxiing at 2000Z, however, please expect very long taxi times, so if you can’t get there for 2000Z exactly, don’t worry!

The route will take us west over the stunning Spanish countryside, eventually descending down into Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Please be aware that dual approach frequencies may be working, with one of these being based as a second airport. This will be in a TFR over the airport as a reminder.

So, post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #flashflight. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Aircraft: A359
Livery: Iberia
Route: LEMD - LPPT

Event Hours:

Begin - Wednesday 11th December @ 20:00 ZULU

End - Wednesday 11th December @ 22:00 ZULU

December 11, 2019December 11, 2019


Please be aware that ATC may be operating 2 approach frequencies. One will be based at LPPT and the second at LPST. Please see the TFR above the airport for more information during this event.


First! I pride myself in this accomplishment because I lack the ability to accomplish much more.

Iberia is great! I may be there, or maybe I’ll control


I’ll be able to attend, YAY

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Ugh school 😢

Y’all should make a Flash Flight friendly for the central and western US


That’s a month ago.

I might join you all on the ground, don’t have to time fly, sadly.

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@MishaCamp what is the cruising altitude, please?

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You should make flash flights on Causal so all can join

Whatever you wish. I want to keep it varied to help with traffic

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Awesome! I’ll try to attend and get some nice pictures.

Idk if ill be able to make it because of school which sucks, if it started a little later i would maybe

I’m flying right now on the Iberia a359 from MAD-ORD so I can’t come. Sounds like fun tho, hope everyone enjoys!

Is there a flightplan set?

Wish I could join, but sadly I’m in school. :(

I think youll be able to copy it when everyone spawns in

Not often where I can come to a flash flight, see you there!

PSA to pilots:

  1. Do not call into approach at FL350. It will be busy. Help controllers out. Be reasonable

  2. The A350 does not like to slow down, Especially between 15,000 and 10,000. Start slowing down early. Descend early.

  3. Pack extra fuel! The lines will be looooong.

  4. Don’t check in and then ask for an approach. It’s said often but I continually see people doing this. Even IFC members.

Safe travels!


A British poster + taxes = throwing A350s in the Boston Harbor

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A350 is my tea 🥰

I made it. Loved being back on Expert after a long break.